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This Teenage YouTube Star Was The Most Googled Fashion Designer Of 2014

Bethany Mota can't legally drink, but she's already got a line with Aeropostale under her belt.

Bethany Mota is a 19-year-old recent high school graduate from Los Banos, California.

Who also happens to be the most Googled fashion designer of 2014.

Mota came in ahead of industry stalwarts Kate Spade and the late Oscar de la Renta, who were the second and third most searched designers, respectively.

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While she may not be known to some, Mota is super popular among teenage girls and twenty-somethings, who love her sweet, humorous, and silly vlogs.

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Her YouTube channel has nearly 8 million subscribers.


Fans love her because she's just like them.

“She’s super sweet and so relatable," said 15-year-old Meleina McCann in a Business Insider article about Mota earlier this year. "Her videos are so personal. It feels like she’s speaking to me.”

In late 2013, to capitalize on her popularity, Mota launched a collaboration with the struggling mall brand Aeropostale.

She'd previously done small partnerships with Forever 21 and JC Penney.

She'd previously done small partnerships with Forever 21 and JC Penney.

Girls swarmed it, and she's released several collections since the original.

In addition to a full range of clothes and accessories, the collection also included bedding, because Mota's fans are fanatics about her bedroom, too.


One of her most popular videos is a tour of her bedroom. Yup.

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It has more than 9 million views.

Another reason for her Google popuarity: Beyond simply launching a clothing collab, Mota's managed to parlay her vlogging success into television time.

She appeared on the most recent season of Dancing with the Stars. Here she is with her Dancing partner Derek Hough.

Some of the other designers on Google's top 10 list? Rachel Roy, L'Wrenn Scott, Valentino, and Alexander Wang.

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