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This Underwear Company Used Breast Cancer Survivors As Models To Challenge Our Beauty Ideals

Play Out wants to redefine femininity.

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Their aim? Challenge normative assumptions of gender presentation, femininity, and what it means to be “sexy.”

Nomi Ellensen

According to a study from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, around 58% of all breast cancer survivors opt not to have breast reconstruction surgery.


The series was created in collaboration with FlatTopper Pride, a new breast cancer support community dedicated to unilaterally and bilaterally flat LGBTQ individuals, founded by Emily Jensen.

Candace Doyle

The site is a place where "gender expression and cancer intersect in a meaningful, productive and supportive space."

"These scars are a testament to what I have been through, but more importantly, of what I intend to do with those experiences," writes Jensen on her site.

Candace Doyle

"I felt lost as a patient and a statistic throughout two years of treatment. Now that I have regained agency I want to use my voice and my story to spread information about this very important and all-too-common experience because they are the most powerful tools I have."