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This Underwear Company Used Breast Cancer Survivors As Models To Challenge Our Beauty Ideals

Play Out wants to redefine femininity.

For its latest campaign, Play Out underwear, which bills itself as the first gender-neutral underwear, wanted to highlight the beauty of three breast cancer survivors.

Their aim? Challenge normative assumptions of gender presentation, femininity, and what it means to be “sexy.”

The first series of shots paired androgynous model Rain Dove with breast cancer survivor Melanie Testa.

The second shoot pairs survivors Jodi Jaecks and Emily Jensen.

The series was created in collaboration with FlatTopper Pride, a new breast cancer support community dedicated to unilaterally and bilaterally flat LGBTQ individuals, founded by Emily Jensen.

"These scars are a testament to what I have been through, but more importantly, of what I intend to do with those experiences," writes Jensen on her site.

For these survivors, showing their scars can be an important part of healing.

"I refuse to hide my scars away as though I am ashamed of them or of my body," writes Jensen.