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    Hot Topic's New "The Nightmare Before Christmas" Collection Is Super Spooky

    Be the Jack Skellington or Sally of your dreams.

    How much do you love The Nightmare Before Christmas? Like, a lot? GOOD, because Hot Topic just released a mega collection of all new stuff you're gonna want to get your hands on.

    The limited edition 76-piece (!) collection includes sweaters ...

    ... stripey pants ...

    ... and super gothy flocked jackets with lace up details.

    All clothing items — including this pretty flocked dress — come in regular and plus sizes.

    How about some cute "We're simply meant to be" rings?

    There's also subtle ways to let a little Nightmare Before Christmas into your wardrobe. This scarf, mayhaps?

    How about this cute bat bowtie?

    Or these darling tuxedo slip ons that Jack would totally wear.

    These Sally stitches tights go perfect with this choker.

    There's also super creative home decor, too, if that's your vibe. Scary salt shakers, anyone?

    Or maybe you'd like a Zero teapot?

    There's literally no end to the Nightmare madness. You need a Jack-themed air freshener? We got that. A snow globe? Check. A TNBC-inspired game of Yahtzee? WHY NOT.

    So yeah, check it out, and go crazy. Right Jack?