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This New Beard Trend Is Gonna Make You Wanna Die Inside

Or maybe it's just us?

Gentleman, ladies, apparently this is a thing now. GLITTER BEARDS.

Yep, men are dipping their facial hair in all kinds of glitter.

And also, apparently, their tongues.

This seems like a tremendously bad idea because GLITTER.

Get ready to find it ~everywhere~ for the next six months to 12 years.

Like, babes, we get that you wanna be festive, but there are better ways.

That glitter is gonna be all up in all your crevices.

So heed this warning, and step away from the sparkly stuff.

But if you absolutely must, the Gay Beards have a tutorial. They told BuzzFeed Life, "Normally the glitter beards are pretty easy to get on; it's typically much more difficult to get the glitter out though." So you've been warned.

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