This Hot Male Model Has More Face Tattoos Than You

Or probably anybody, actually.

1. Remember totally tattooed model guy Ric Genest?

2. Genest became a huge inspiration for Lady Gaga and designer Thierry Mugler and is actually pretty hot under all those face tattoos.


3. Well, now there’s a new heavily face-tatted dude looking to de-throne Genest.

And yep, he has the words ICONIC FACE tattooed on his face.

4. His name is Vin Los and he’s from Montreal. In case you forget, he’s got his name helpfully tattooed on his chest.

5. And yes, those tattoos — which look like bad marker drawings — are totally REAL.

How does he pick what words he gets tatted on him? “It’s very superficial,” he told Vice. “I’ll go on YouTube and listen to all the big hits and I’ll just take words from these songs. For example, ‘Top of the World’ is from the song by The Cataracs, but it’s also what I want. I want to rule the world. As for the city names, it’s to show that we are all on the same level. Borders still exist but not to the same extent. Whether you’re like, in Zurich or Sydney, I personify all of that. I want to embody pop culture. You could look at me in a hundred years from now and really get the idea of what pop culture was like in the early 2010s.”


6. Including the FAKE CHEST HAIR he got tattooed on.

7. Still not convinced they’re real? Here is Vin wiping himself down with a wet rag.

That’s so Vin.

8. The 24-year-old says he wants to be “the most famous man in the world” and hopes the face tattoos will help get him there.

Maxime Girard-Tremblay

9. Fingers crossed, Vin.

“A lot of people ask me if I’m scared I might regret it one day. If I was indecisive, I don’t think I would write on my face.”

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