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The Average American Dad Looks Pretty Great In 2017

Pretty damn good.

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It's 2017 and we want to celebrate all the amazing dads out there. So, we recently asked dads from the BuzzFeed Community to share their "dad style," and here's what they sent us.


10. They give good kisses.

"My husband and our daughter Ford. We have two older boys and when he found out we was having a girl at the gender reveal party he had to go outside so he could cry. He was so excited. And she's had him wrapped around her finger ever since." —ashurhunter


17. They like getting matchy-matchy.

"This amazing first-time daddy here is our rock! He and I both work full time to provide a comfortable life for our son, so he makes sure that every weekend is an adventure that we all share together. This picture is from one of our trips to the Alamo. :)" —spiatt


23. They — somehow — do it all.

"My husband. He's young and has already done so much with his life: military deployment, travel, marriage, education, fatherhood, and he's still going. There is nothing he wouldn't do for us and our baby boy. I don't know how he does it all. Love him." —alm2029


24. And do it with a smile.

"My husband, Cameron, and our girls "working" at our garage sale. He is selfless beyond measure and the girls' best friend and biggest fan. I battle several chronic diseases and he takes on the housework, the driving to and from soccer practices, and anything else that I can't manage that day with patience and understanding. Couldn't do it without him!" —samanthap4b12852cb

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