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This Is The World's First Gender Neutral Underwear Collection

No frilly lace or flower prints here.

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Play Out, they say, is for men, women, and anybody who identifies as in between.

Lou Cutler Photographers / Lisa Iancin + Lindsay Katt

"We strongly believe that personal style is a huge part of feeling comfortable in your own skin," Sugar and Lardeux told BuzzFeed Life, "and feeling like you can express your true self to the world around you."


Designing gender-neutral, or androgynous, underwear was a way to break out of a constrictive gender binary, the pair say.

"Most underwear on the market for women is extremely feminine, with flowers, pastel colors, and lace," said Sugar and Lardeux. "Or, if it’s cut in a ‘boyshort’ it tends to be boring solid colors. We wanted to bring the design aesthetic of men’s underwear – the bold colors, fun graphics and the shape, including the wide waistband—to a style that would fit and flatter a woman’s body."

But, they say, ultimately, "our ideal consumer is someone looking for comfort and style, with a tomboy aesthetic and a desire to stand out sometimes and be different."

Lisa Iancin + Lindsay Katt

But, say Sugar and Lardeux, what's most important is that "we're always true to themselves."

For beauty & style as you are.
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