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    This Is How To Get Your Hot But Aimless Surfer Boyfriend To Wear A Suit

    Where Sex Wax and spreadsheets meet.

    Take a look at this handsome gentleman in his fancy suit and tie.

    He's really working that ~sexy office worker~ lewk.

    What if we told you the whole thing was actually a WET SUIT? You know, for like, surfing and such?

    Yes, even the shirt.

    So why would you need a business wet suit? THAT'S ON YOU.

    It also comes in navy, for when you're feeling Eddie Redmayne-ish.

    FYI, there's a tuxedo version, too, for when things get really ~fancy~.

    Like say you've got a date with the Little Mermaid or a top secret meeting with a sea witch or something.

    Look how it moves underwater:

    Not too shabby.

    Watch his whole incredible surfing-in-a-suit thing here.

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