7 Amazing Street Style Stars You Won't See At Fashion Week

    Are you as well dressed as Traffic Cone? Probz not, probz not.

    You've probably seen a million street style shots like this.


    Which is why we're all over the latest cutting edge street style star, SUPER COOL SEYMOUR BUTTS.

    Seymour and his friend TONY "HAWAIIAN DREAM" MAIL BOX were discovered by Isla Bell Murray and Jessica Saia, who are always on the look out for the latest fashion innovators.

    Like this COOL GUY, whose rebellious spirit and joie de vivre was captured by the pair.

    They also spotted this Terry Richardson wannabe posted up by a fence.

    And captured this fashion forward poser.

    “Bitches love me, but it pisses me off, ’cause they’re always sniffing around, stealing my look,” says this guy.

    And finally, this piece of shit was just hanging around hoping to get noticed.