This Artist’s Face Jewelry Will Give You A New Nose Without Plastic Surgery

    Akiko Shinzato is pushing the boundaries of conventional jewelry

    Forget earrings or necklaces, artist Akiko Shinzato's latest collection, Another Skin, is about ~face~ jewelry.

    The London-based jewelry designer wanted to create works that address our cultural obsession with our appearances.

    "We perform appearance management for the sake of beauty, from dieting to exercise, makeup to cosmetic surgeries and so on," she writes on her site.

    In her crystal series, she turns her wearers into bejeweled clowns.

    Shinzato knows her collection might not be something for, like, EVERY DAY WEAR, but she's interested in using jewelry as a way to manipulate the wearer's look.

    Another part of Shinzato's face jewelry collection includes leather noses and mouths.

    Probably a way more affordable option than plastic surgery.

    Sometimes you really do need to see things through new eyes.