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    This Instagram Account Publicly Shames Bloggers Who Photoshop Too Much

    We Photoshopped What is the new Photoshop police.

    The Instagram account We Photoshopped What has a pretty clear mission: Call out fashion bloggers who are surreptitiously Photoshopping their Instagram pics.

    By paying attention to warped walls and inconsistencies in photos, the anonymous blogger behind the account is able to spot 'shopped photos.

    Some 'shops are miniscule.

    Others are mildly bewildering.

    But why does it even matter?

    She believes she's just helping other women by exposing the lies of these bloggers.

    But others are not so convinced of the account's honorable intentions. Danielle Bernstein, the blogger behind We Wore What is a frequent target of WPW, and recently commented on the account.

    The anonymous blogger behind We Photoshopped What admits to being snarky, but says that she's not "intending on hurting anyone's feelings for how they truly look."

    And yet! The comments seem aimed at shaming and ridiculing in a very personal way.

    This matters, says the girl behind WPW, because "they're a big influence on younger girls who comment about how they wish they looked like them and what their diet is. These women need to just be real."

    "i just hope that people can realize that nobody is perfect and that there's nothing wrong with that."