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    People Are Sharing The Stories Of How Relationships Ended On This Tumblr

    The Last Message Received is a Tumblr where people share their final exchanges.

    Ever think about the last time you ever talked to someone?

    Emily Trunko was thinking about this a lot, so the 15-year-old student at Ohio Virtual Academy launched The Last Message Received, a Tumblr where users can anonymously submit and talk about the last time they spoke to ex-friends and lovers.

    "I've always been fascinated with glimpses into the lives of other people," Trunko told BuzzFeed Life. "I thought that the last message sent before a breakup or before someone passed away would be really poignant."

    Some of the notes on Last Message Received are about the painful experience of love lost.

    Others offer promises that are never delivered on.

    Some are about disappointing family members.

    Others are about unfinished conversations.

    And people choosing to move on with their lives.

    Trunko says that the submissions are helping to teach her to choose her words wisely. "Every message I send to them could be the last one I ever exchange, and every message I receive could be the last one I receive."