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This Hair Clip Could Save Your Life In An Emergency

A Swiss Army knife that'll keep your bangs out of your eyes? Yes, please.

If you've got long hair, chances are, you've probably got a couple dozen of these lying around:

Well Yaakov Goldberg, an industrial design student at Israel's Holon Institute of Technology, decided to take the basic barrette up a notch. He created a hair clip with several super-useful tool options.

Hold up, though! Goldberg originally created it for his religiously observant Jewish male friends, who use the clips to hold their kippas in place. Like so:

You can use it to score fruit, open or measure stuff — plus it has three screwdrivers and a wrench.


Plus, you can do this:

And saw through rope using the clip's serrated edge.

You can find it for $9.99 at Animi Causa.