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This Guy Takes The Most Epic Photos Of Maine Coon Cats You've Ever Seen

Maine coons FTW!

Psst... This precious floof is a Maine coon cat named Badass.

He and a bunch of other Maine coon beauties were photographed by Robert Sijka, a photographer who lives in Guangzhou City, China.

Many of the casts Sijka photographs come from a cattery he and his wife run.

Sijka told BuzzFeed he quickly grew enamored of the breed after adopting one five years ago.

They're known for their large size, friendly disposition, and penchant for polydactylism.

And as you might imagine, they're even cuter and floofier as kittens.


"Playing with cats and taking their pictures gives me a lot of joy," he told BuzzFeed. "I decided that my pictures shouldn't look like all other beautiful cat pictures — they must be something special."

Of course, Sijka doesn't discriminate. He also photographs other breeds, like British shorthairs.

And regular sweet ol' housecats.

But his first love will always be Maine coons.

While these cats are great, you can find your own wonderful cat by adopting from your local shelter.