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    A Guy Took His Senior Portraits In A Taco Bell, And They're Truly Beautiful

    America's Next TACO Model.

    This is Andrew McBurnie, a senior high school student from Bourbonnais, Illinois.


    Andrew wanted to do something a lil' different for his senior photos, so he grabbed his photographer friend Wesley Taylor and headed to Taco Bell.

    Wesley Taylor Photography / Via

    Dressed in an incongruously fancy suit, Andrew posed for a taco-themed shoot.

    Wesley Taylor Photography / Via

    "The spot I took the photos in is where I've sat every time with my friends throughout high school," he told BuzzFeed.

    Here's Andrew looking pensive and thinking about eating a chalupa.

    Wesley Taylor Photography / Via

    And here he is contemplating his next Crunchwrap Supreme.

    Wesley Taylor Photography / Via

    "Probably the hardest part of the shoot was having to hold the food without eating it," Andrew said. "It only took maybe 10 minutes, but having a taco in hand that long was torturous."

    Wesley Taylor Photography / Via

    We feel you.

    Taco Bell loved it, duh.

    Of course, Andrew isn't the first to shoot senior photos at Taco Bell. In 2015, Brittany Nicole Creech of St. Louis took some pretty bangin' grad photos at her local Taco Bell.

    But he MIGHT be the best dressed.

    Wesley Taylor Photography / Via

    As for the future, well, Andrew plans on attending Olivet Nazarene University to study video production and musical theater — unless Taco Bell has other plans for him.

    Wesley Taylor Photography / Via

    "If, for whatever reason, Taco Bell would ever want me to professionally model a loaded potato griller, they know where to find me!"