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    This Dude Just Took Hot Dogs To The Damn Next Level

    Bone app the teeth.

    Oh, you think THIS is a hot dog?

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    You think THIS is a dawg?

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    This is a HOT DAWWWWG.

    @avitsii / Via

    Look at those gorgeous rings of ketchup and mustard surrounding the plate.

    @avitsii / Via

    ~Amateur~ Swedish chef Fabian Göransson made the meal after watching one too many cooking shows on Netflix. "The big thing right now seems to be 'deconstructing' food," he told BuzzFeed.

    He was inspired by "a traditional Swedish dish called Veal Oscar, with the sausage acting as asparagus and the bun as the meat," Göransson told BuzzFeed.

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    "In my opinion, it was the perfect fusion between greasy fast food and haute cuisine."

    May your hot dogs always be fancy, my friend.