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These Gender-Neutral Clothes Are For All Sizes And Abilities

Rebirth Garments is breaking the mold as an inclusive queer fashion line.

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“I couldn’t find a place where I could buy a binder or other gender-affirming garments,” she told BuzzFeed, so she started making her own when she was still in high school.

Instagram: @rebirthgarments

"I’m especially interested in Rebirth Garments being accessible to QueerCrip" — that's queer people with disabilities — "youth," she continued.


Cubacub wants to create clothes for people who have traditionally been left out of mainstream fashion. "They have never had something that is made specifically for them and to fit their needs," she said.

Instagram: @rebirthgarments

"Because of that, they have pretty much given up on having clothing that actually fits them and makes them happy. "

That's why creating custom pieces can be so powerful. "A lot of people cry when they first get to try on something that is made just for them; it makes them feel worthy of attention because someone actually cares about their needs."

Cubacub and Rebirth Garments are in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign for their latest collection. "I want to give special focus to queer, trans*, and disabled folks as well as people of color — all of whom are left out of mainstream conversations on fashion and society."