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    This Cyst Popping Video Is Truly Something To Behold

    I'm sorry, so sorry.

    Do you like watching explosive, pus-filled zits get squeezed to everliving death?


    No? Then I'd suggest you get the hell out of this post RIGHT NOW.

    Welp, have we got a video for you. This is a clip from Steven E. Hodgkin, MD, aka Dr. Zit Zapper, of Redlands, California, and it is...a lot.

    Things start out calm enough, as Hodgkin makes a small incision on his patient's cheek.

    And then WHOOOOOSH. There's some rich, cheesy, pus.

    So much!

    Oh, sweet mercy.

    It's definitely a lot. But if you're into popping videos, you'll love it so much.