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    Here's How People React When A Blizzard Hits On Chipotle's Free Burrito Day


    Jan. 26 is the much-celebrated FREE BURRITO DAY at Chipotle.

    And everybody's like:

    Except! There's a blizzard on, and many people can't even make it out the door to get to their local Chipotle!

    And they've taken to Twitter to express their frustration.

    There were the conspiracy theorists.

    I'm thinking this blizzard is just a shrewd tactic by Chipotle to give out fewer free burritos.

    And veiled threats.

    If this blizzard hinders my ability to get free #Chipotle tomorrow there will be severe consequences.

    There was much hand-wringing.

    How am I gonna survive this blizzard without a chipotle near my house

    So much hand-wringing.

    The day chipotle gives out free burritos wud be the day the Worst Blizzard happens...story of my life. No chipotle for me :( #Blizzard

    This woman had her limits.

    Twitter is all SNOW BLIZZARD SNOW, so when coworkers ask if I'll walk to Chipotle (down the street) I'm, "In this weather? Are you crazy?!"

    Things got nihilistic.

    going out in a blizzard because chipotle. #nofuxgiven

    Frankie B kind of had the right idea.

    Blizzard Prep 101: Buy enough Chipotle to last the duration of the storm plus 5 days.

    But not EVERYONE lost out on Chipotle.

    Chipotle gives me life. It's the only thing making this otherwise miserable blizzard filled day…

    People showed their fortitude and dedication to the deal.

    It's 11:15 and there's a blizzard outside, but the line for a free #burrito at @ChipotleTweets has already formed.

    These brave souls, too.

    Blizzard warning? No matter. Because free chipotle is THAT important

    (And their willingness to perhaps get physical.)

    Braved a blizzard and almost got in a fight all to get Chipotle. Ya gotta risk it.

    This woman wouldn't let anything stop her.

    Trekking it to Chipotle in this blizzard #dedication

    Nor would this hero.

    going out in this blizzard for chipotle 💖

    Luke was all business.

    New York is a blizzard wasteland but I will stop at nothing to get my free chipotle burrito tonight. #Determination

    And this guy clearly had his priorities straight.

    Going to meet an early grave by venturing out during a blizzard for a B1G1 Chipotle burrito. At least I died chasing my passion.

    Because the struggle is real.

    I will drive through the blizzard to get my free chipotle burrito

    But the rewards are great.