Stop What You're Doing And Watch This Amazing Video About A Time-Traveling B-Boy

    "The Adventures Of Jamel" is going to be your new favorite YouTube channel.

    Meet Jamel, just your average time-traveling b-boy and the star of "The Adventures of Jamel." Jamel uses the power of hip-hop to basically travel through time and change the world.

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    In the first episode, Jamel uses the "17 pillars of hip hop" to save a slave's life.

    In episode two, Jamel manages to avert the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

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    And episode three, which was exclusively released to BuzzFeed by All Ages Productions, features Jamel's encounter with Christopher Columbus and a rather ~sadistic~ Queen Isabella of Spain.

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    Will the power of hip-hop help him get out of a bind? YOU BET.

    Jamel is the brainchild of artist Jayson Musson, who you might also know as Hennessey Youngman.

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    Or from his Coogi sweater paintings.

    He's also a DJ who created a three volume mixtape called "CVS BANGERS" which is exactly what it sounds like.

    Also sorry to bring this up, but Jayson is the guy that says "AND DO THE HARLEM SHAKE" in, yes, "The Harlem Shake" song by Baauer.

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    It's actually a sample from Jayson's old band Plastic Little, but let's never speak of that again. ANYWAY.

    "A lot of my work deals with history in one way or another, whether it's art history and its discontents through the Hennessy project, or black nostalgia through the Coogi paintings," Jayson told BuzzFeed Life.

    Jamel, explains Jayson, "is young, quite far from wise, and the solutions he provides are more often than not wrong for the person who received his assistance, but right for the greater good of mankind."

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