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    This 9-Year-Old Sang "This Is Hardcore" And Won A Pulp Karaoke Contest Judged By Jarvis Cocker

    Wrong? Or so wrong it's right?

    Meet Graham Johnson.

    He's 9-years-old and lives in NYC. And he's a huge fan of the band, Pulp.

    Island Records

    Graham especially loves Pulp's enigmatic frontman Jarvis Cocker.

    Cocker was in NYC this week to attend a screening of the new film, Pulp: a Film about Life, Death & Supermarkets , which captures the band's last concert in the hometown of Sheffield, England.

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    See it when it's out in November!

    After the screening, Jarvis and the film's director Florian Habicht judged a Pulp karaoke contest, where Graham took a moment to shine.

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    After a slew of great performances, it was Graham's turn to show what he could do.

    IT WAS CRAZY. (Though as you can hear on the video, some in the crowd were less than thriiled with the idea of a 9-year-old singing such a sexually suggestive song).

    Here's Graham's audition video, BTW.

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    It appears to be down right now, but maybe it'll come back up.

    Jarvis's take? "It was a little disturbing... but I will not forget that, ever."

    Jarvis gave him a 9.5 and Florian gave him a 9. And everyone agreed: Graham had a lovely singing voice.

    In the end, he beat out ten other competitors and took home top honors.

    Julie Gerstein

    And perhaps Jarvis learned some new dance moves, too.