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    This High School Fashion Documentary From The '80s Is Everything

    “I’m not really into fashion, I’m just into being myself.”

    What was high school fashion really like in the '80s? This high school documentary aims to find out.

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    Antioch High School student Scott Hayden decided to make a short film on the style of some of his fellow students.

    Hayden spoke with seven of his classmates:

    Rick grew his hair out to this ~crazy!~ style.

    Charles loves ska and punk.

    "Ska is from England. It's kind of like Duran Duran ... sort of," he says. Not true Charles, not true.

    Charles gets made fun of for the way he dresses, but his parents are into it. "They like the way I dress. They think it's good I'm doing something different."

    Leigh and Wendy, are BFFs

    And Wendy totally has Leigh's back when kids make fun of her.

    Leslie and Stephanie both love purple hair dye.

    Leslie says that people tease her because "basically I'm being myself, and they can't handle that." Stephanie knows that there's more to life than small-town Antioch, California. Her advice? "Get out of this town and do something else besides cruise around in your towns all the time."

    Then there's Doug.

    Oh, Doug.

    The '80s, man.

    What a time.