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16 Times The Guys Actually Stole The Golden Globes Red Carpet From The Ladies

Hello, piercing stares.

1. Oh hello, Jamie Dornan.

2. Wonderful to see you again, Matt Bomer.

3. I'll give you the time, Matthew McConaughey.

4. Nice to see you, Mr. Darcy Firth.

5. What's up, Jake Gyllenhaal?

6. Well hello, David Oyelowo.

7. Greetings, Allen Leech.

8. Hiiiiii, Justin Baldoni.

9. Hi, John Legend.

10. Pssst I see you, Clive Owen.

11. What's going on, Eddie Redmayne?

12. You doing OK, Thomas Middlemarch?

13. What's new, Benedict Cumberbatch?

14. Been thinking about you, Jared Leto.

15. Never let you go, Channing Tatum.

16. Yours forever, George Clooney.