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    24 Ways Men Have It Easier Than Women When It Comes To Clothes

    Your life is so easy.

    1. You can easily look put together in just a suit and tie.

    2. Your jeans are designed with pockets you can actually put stuff in.

    3. Your jeans always fit in the butt.

    Women's jeans are made for a body that seemingly does not exist.

    4. You never have to wear high heels to formal events.

    The pain! THE PAIN.

    5. Meanwhile, you guys get to wear flat shoes no matter what.

    6. And your dress shoes are so much better.

    7. You've never experienced the unique joy of thongs. Ever.

    8. Or a bra.

    9. Instead, you get to wear boxers.

    Which are basically just comfy pajamas.

    10. You guys get to wear suspenders.

    11. And tuxedos.

    12. Plus, you get to wear bow ties with those tuxes.

    13. But don't feel like dressing up? Your standard jeans-and-tee outfit always works.

    14. And more formal events are easily solved with a blazer and tie.

    15. Your pants are determined by separate waist and inseam measurements.

    16. You wear basketball shorts like it's no big deal.

    17. You can put on shorts without considering the state of your leg hair.

    18. You never have to contend with makeup.

    19. Or pantyhose.

    20. Or losing an earring.

    21. You don't have to deal with blow-drying your hair.

    22. But you get to have fun facial hair.

    Bored with the way you look? Just shave your beard!

    Or grow one!

    23. You can wear jeans and tees all the time.

    24. And you don't even have to wear shirts. If you don't want to.*