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    21 Things Robert Smith's Hair Actually Looks Like

    Hairs don't cry.

    1. Christmas tinsel delicately strung about a tree.

    2. A daft Muscovy duck out for a stroll.

    3. An uncooperative grabby machine at a seaside arcade.

    4. A brush fire raging out of control.

    5. An old-timey video camera.

    6. A Super Mario Bros. mushroom.

    7. An excited hound stalking his prey.

    8. A lone tumbleweed out on the prairie.

    9. A gorgeous hidden waterfall nestled in a national park in Australia.

    10. A real life Edward Scissorhands.

    11. A supernova remnant exploding off in space.

    12. Spooky curtains blowing in the wind.

    Sad child rocking back and forth in front of them, optional.

    13. A proud, prize-winning Airedale Terrier.

    14. A global telecommunications network.

    15. A triumphant seagull.

    16. A lonely squid.

    17. A cavernous mountain pass.

    18. A gaggle of scary spiders.

    19. The spider plant your roommate killed.

    20. Sad cotton candy.

    21. A gorgeous exploding fountain.


    With thanks to Abby Rubin.