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21 Things Guys Should Avoid Wearing This Spring

Just no.

We asked Fashion Bros hosts Lawrence and James to walk us through some of the must-avoid trends for the spring.

They know what they're talking about.

They know what they're talking about.

1. Fedoras.

Lawrence: The boy band that strugs together, stays together.James: Fedoras: Distracting people from everything else that's wrong with boy bands since 1996.

Lawrence: The boy band that strugs together, stays together.

James: Fedoras: Distracting people from everything else that's wrong with boy bands since 1996.

2. Shirts with profanity on them.

James: Chances are if you own some of these shirts you're already banned from being near schools and playgrounds, so I guess it's sorta no harm, no foul.

Lawrence: I mean, if you're not offending the entirety of the human race with what you're wearing, are you even wearing anything at all?

3. Clothing with any sort of molly reference.

James: Goes great with the molly-water, butt-chugging funnel you bought in Daytona Beach.

Lawrence: Please turn yourself down until you no longer exist on a physical plane.


4. Capri pants.

Lawrence: Looking like Rafael Nadal minus, like, all of the wins ever.

James: Aren't hand-me-downs supposed to go the other way?

5. Gladiator sandals.

James: Nah, not entertained.

Lawrence: Buttholitus Maximus.

6. Leather pants.

James: Bye, non-roasted sperm.

Lawrence: Swamp-ass incubators.

7. Leather tank tops.

Lawrence: The contradiction inherent in a leather tank top alone is enough to make me sweat bullets.


8. Speedos.

James: Smuggling in limes one at a time isn't gonna solve the citrus crisis, bruh.

Lawrence: Can smuggled grapes get a tan line?

9. This.

James: Wow. Professional dart players have brutal rookie hazing rituals.

Lawrence: Thanks for helping me aim when I kick you in the nuts for wearing such a stupid fucking piece of clothing.

10. Boater hats.

Lawrence: You're not Andre 3000.

James: Please just float away forever.

11. Hoodies under blazers.

Lawrence: Bro black tie.

James: Basic bro uniform for spring/summer 2014 to infinity.


12. Deep V-neck tees.|SeasonId=59I&CollectionId=25Z&ItemId=21&SeasonMemoCode=actual&GenderMemoCode=men&CategoryId=&SubLineId=clothing&PID=2178999&AID=10704349&utm_source=CommissionJunction

James: These Game of Thrones characters are so sad.

Lawrence: Finally, a V deep enough for whatever is left of your soul to escape your body.

13. Tube socks.

James: If these are standing up on their own, you have a problem.

14. Shirtlessness*


*Unless you're Best Shirtless Performance Winner Zac Efron.

Lawrence: As a disfigured formal male model I cannot endorse this.

15. Popped collars.

James: Pop one for every DUI your dad got you out of!

Lawrence: Pop one collar for every time you've been sexually frustrated!


16. White sunglasses.

Lawrence: Douche tested, Scott Storch approved.

James: Write "Soulja Boy" on the lenses or you are blowing it.

17. Skechers Shape Ups.

James: If improving your butt selfies is really a goal, then your summer bucket list needs work.

Lawrence: I don't care how swole your calves look: If you wear these in public you are the enemy.

18. Spring scarves.|pcrid|31167492971&utm_campaign=DataPop%20Product%20Listing%20Ads&cvosrc=ppc%20pla.18283950120.&utm_source=18283950120&utm_me

James: The only thing more worthless than the five minutes spent watching Fashion Bros.

Lawrence: Please, go ahead and tell me what the point of warm weather scarf is. It's OK, I'll wait.

19. Tevas

James: I didn't know "spelunking with Obama" was on your itinerary.

Lawrence: At this point you might as well go full narc dad and wear some white socks too.


20. Beanies.

James: I guess this is how Mazda Miata owners spot one another in the wild.

Lawrence: Be a gentleman and empty out that reservoir tip.

21. Suits with sneakers.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images
Steve Finn / Getty Images

James: Aw man, now I wanna have a bar mitzvah as a grown man!

Lawrence: Damn, you childish.

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