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    You Won't Believe These Totally Insane Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses

    Trust us, you wouldn't want to wipe your butt with these.

    Some people can make art out anything. Like, say... toilet paper. Fancy these toilet paper wedding dresses?

    They're a part of the 11th annual Cheap Chic Weddings Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest, where talented ~artistes~ compete to make the most incredible wedding dresses out of nothing more than TP and ~dreams~.

    Contestants were limited to only using four materials: Toilet paper, super glue, tape, and a needle and thread.

    Katrina Chalifoux opted to fashion some faux embroidered details out of gold tape.

    Judith Henry's flapper-style dress was made from just eight rolls.

    This dress by Carol Touchstone took 76 rolls of toilet paper to make.

    Julie Haas went for a badass bride look.

    While this one, by Tony Araujo, required just 11.

    "Designer Frank Cazares said this dress was inspired by women affected by breast cancer.

    The winner of the contest? This number by Miss Mississippi Donna Vincler.

    Vincler's dress will be made into an actual gown by Kleinfeld Bridal and she'll receive $10,000 in prize money.