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These Photos Of A Snow-Covered Abandoned Mall Are Unbelievably Eerie

Photographer Seph Lawless captured an indoor winter wonderland.

Rolling Acres Mall, in Akron, Ohio, shuttered its doors in 2008.

And photographer Seph Lawless has been documenting its decline and decimation ever since.

Lawless recently returned to his hometown mall after a massive snowstorm, and discovered the interior of the space covered in snow.

The weight of the snow caused skylights to collapse, and the interior space was radically transformed.

"It was eerily quiet and beautiful as if the world had ended," Lawless told BuzzFeed Life.

Lawless crept around in the snow to capture how the space had been given over to nature.

Snow covered everything.

Lawless said it felt like "I was inside a gigantic make-believe snow globe."

For more of Lawless's dead mall explorations, head to his Facebook or Instagram.