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    This Animated Manicure Is Honestly The Stuff Of Nightmares

    I always feeeeeel like, somebody's watching meeeeeeee....

    Oh, hi. Here are some new and terrifying nails from Nail Sunny, a nail art studio in Russia.

    At first glance, this looks like some regular ol' nail art but then wait a sec...are those eyes closed now?

    And then you realize...these nails are the work of the DEVIL.


    HOLY FUCK, these nails are giving MAJOR SIDE EYE.

    How do you create such a nightmare hellscape? Well, it involves drilling.

    Nail technicians first had to build a lil' fake eyeball. Then they had to drill a hole into the (presumably) fake acrylic nail to insert the eyeball into the nail.

    After the nail was inserted, a full face of makeup was applied to the nail *eye.*

    Honestly, how does this nail eye have better makeup than me?

    The whole look was done in homage to the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette. How do you think they did?

    Huda Beauty, Instagram: @nail_sunny