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    These Jeans Will Make Sure You'll Never Have An Uncharged Phone Again

    Hashtag #GENIUS.

    You're out. You're having a good time. You want to 'Gram something. But bloop! YOUR FUCKING PHONE IS DEAD.


    Makes you feel like dying, but we've got a ~solution~!

    These are #Hello jeans, by Joe's Jeans. They're designed with a PHONE CHARGER so that you'll never have to deal with a dead phone againnnnnnn.

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    The key to the jeans is a subtle back pocket that holds a battery pack.

    The jeans work with iPhone5, 5s, 5c and iPhone 6's.

    To charge, you slip your phone in your back pocket, and simply plug it into your battery pack.

    Pretty simple, no?

    So what's the catch? The jeans are admittedly NOT CHEAP.

    They retail for $189 a pair.

    And the battery pack is sold separately for $49.

    Which okay, kind of pricey.

    But can your really put a price on never having to look at this again?

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