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These Before-And-Afters Prove That Every Guy Looks Better With A Beard

Facial hair will give you life.

Facial hair is a total game changer.

It can easily take you from boy to man.

From emo dreamboat to manly dude.

Check out this major upgrade.

That veritable feast of manliness.

So much more baller.

Check out these ~lumbersexual~ vibes!

Hot before. Hotter after.

This beard can build you a fire.

Or mix you a delicious artisanal cocktail.

Or even make you a new bookcase.

This beard will keep you warm at night.

And make you breakfast in the morning.

And this beard will watch The Notebook with you.

And write you a love song on his ukulele.

Because beards are good.

And they can make all the difference in the world.