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    These Amazing Bedsheets Will Change Everything

    Making the bed just got so much easier.

    Making your bed can be the worst, right?

    Especially because fitted sheets seem to have been created to destroy your soul piece by piece.

    You get frustrated trying to figure out which corner goes where. Is it the long side or the short side? HOW DOES IT WORK????

    The snuggle struggle is real.

    But what if we told you there were sheets that were properly LABELED so that you could easily find the side and top and bottom?

    Like, how genius, right?

    The labels are the creation of a brand called Threshold.


    The sheets come in a bunch of colors and patterns, and are also available in complete sets.

    In addition to their 300 thread count line, they also offer 325 and 400 count sheets, if you're feeling ~luxurious~.

    Threshold has a fairly wide selection, but if you're not crazy about the line, you could always make your own placement labels. Here's how.