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These Are The Most Exquisite Fashions At This Year's Eurovision Song Contest

Lots of a lot of look.

Darlings, Eurovision is the most important singing competition in the world.

What is Eurovision? It's a song competition held between member countries of the European Broadcasting Union.

And it's veeeerrrrrry campy.


Here she is again with her Eyes Wide Shut backup dancers.

Don't mind Eduard Romanyuta from Moldova performing in all the leathah in the world.

Check out the cool dads of Pertti Kurikan Nimipaeivaet of Finland.

Whilst Daniel Kajmakoski of Macedonia works an Edwardian peeping tom vibe.

Nina Subiatti from Georgia is ready to flyyyyyyyyyy.

And/or cut a bitch.

The Makemakes of Australia are hoping to win on facial hair alone.


Stage shows are very important. For example, Loic Nottet of Belgium, would be nowhere without his pointy-shouldered singing companions.

So much flair, Loic.

Ann Sophie Duermeyer of Germany doesn't go anywhere without her giant light contraption.

Likewise, Eduard Romanyuta always travels with his sexy cops.

Living for this EXTRAVAGANCE!!!

So much DRAMZ!

Living for it.

Oh, don't mind Monika Linkyte and Vaidas Baumila of Lithuania, over here sucking face.

Marta Jandova and Vaclav Noid Barta of Czech Republic understand that bigger (flag) is better.

And Daniel Kajmakoski knows that one wallet chain is NEVER enough.

Shine on, sweet Eurovision contestants.

May you dance on always.