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    The South Korean President's Bodyguard Has Shirtless Pics And All Is Right With The World


    Hey, remember last week when we introduced you to South Korean president Moon Jae-In's finnnnne as hell bodyguard?

    That was a good day.

    Well, it's since been revealed that His Hotness is named Choi Young-Jae. And there are some sexxxxxy topless photos of him, too.

    Oh hello there.




    It turns out that he actually volunteered to guard President Moon because he just really liked him. According to a Korea Times article, he served in South Korea's Special Warfare Command for10 years before taking on the role in the president's security detail.

    As for his new-found fame? Choi says he's surprised and a little mortified.

    Aw, and he's humble, too.