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    This Actress Stole All Of Her Instagram Photos From Other Famous Folks

    And then deleted them all.

    Ever heard of Spanish actress Anna Allen?

    Eduardo Parra / Getty Images


    Allen's a successful television actress in her native Spain.


    Here she is starring in the 2010 Spanish TV show Acusados (The Accused).

    In all, she has more than 12 years of acting credits under her belt, including a seven year stint on the family drama Cuéntame.

    TVE, Grupo Ganga

    And just last month she was featured in Esquire Espanol.

    Allen recently boasted about attending the Oscars on her Instagram, after all.

    FormulaTV / Via

    She had 22,000 Instagram followers.

    Except! The photo she posted? It was actually stolen off of Lupita Nyong'o's Insta.

    FormulaTV / Via

    And that's not all. She posted a pic of her head on actress Kasia Smutniak's body on the red carpet.

    FormulaTV / Via

    And claimed that she was guest-starring on The Big Bang Theory — going so far as to Photoshop herself into behind-the-scenes shots.

    FormulaTV / Via


    She also stole several of actress Sophia Bush's Instagram photos.

    At times DIRECTLY co-opting the caption as well.

    She seems to really love Sophia Bush's 'gram feed.

    A lot.

    She 'shopped herself into a photo with Matt Bomer.

    This is the original.

    She even Photoshopped herself into a BBC show with Jonny Lee Miller.

    And the plot thickens. Allen's agency is called Green Air Agency. Or is it? Because their only client appears to be her.

    Or rather, appeared to be her. Since all of this blew up, they've disappeared. Which makes us think that, yeah, they're not real.


    Allen has shut down all of her social media accounts, but this Photoshopped pic of her remains up on her IMDB page.

    Charles Bush

    "Anna Allen at the entrance of the Dobly Theatre to the Academy Awards," it reads, though that's now obviously not true.