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    This Unicorn Frappuccino Is The Drink You're Gonna See All Over Instagram

    So colorful! So mythical!

    This insanely colorful, magical drink below? Oh, it's just a UNICORN FRAPPUCCINO.

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    !!!!!! It's a new limited-time Frap flavor from Starbucks.

    The drink not only changes colors, but it also changes FLAVORS as you drink it.

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    It'll also totally match your fun pastel locks, and is great for the 'Gram.

    So what's actually in this multi-colored wonder? According to Starbucks, the drink is made with a cream Frap base. It gets its extreme color from the layers of purple mango syrup and sour blue syrup.

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    It's then topped with sour sprinkle dust to help you fully embrace dat unicorn life.

    In a statement to USA Today, Starbucks highlighted the drink's color-changing capabilities.

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    "Like its mythical namesake, the Unicorn Frappuccino blended crème comes with a bit of magic, starting as a purple beverage with swirls of blue and a first taste that is sweet and fruity. But give it a stir and its color changes to pink, and the flavor evolves to tangy and tart. The more swirl, the more the beverage’s color and flavors transform."

    Starbucks employees who've tried it say it's a little bit sweet and a little bit sour.

    Kind of like a Sour Patch Kid or Warhead.

    If all that sounds good to you, you better head to the 'Bucks soon — it's only available from April 19 to April 23.


    Now go forth and frapp happy.

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