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The South Korean President's Bodyguard Is Making Everyone Lose Their Minds


Politicians: Important, but not usually that cute. Their bodyguards on the other hand...

Like check out the new Korean president Moon Jae-In's bodyguard. HELLLLLLLLLO SAILOR!

First of all, YOWZA.

Here he is stoically watching the prez wave his arms in the air like he just don't care.

And here he is ~finding his light~.

Smoldering for the camera.

Probs about to go listen to Panic! At the Disco or something.

Thinking about how his dad never really understood him.

Not surprisingly, the internet is feeling the thirrrrrst.

@elena_yip Me: "Oh, THIS old thing? Help me up, won't you? The 5:14 is about to pass through..."

@elena_yip Do not make a sexist comment, do not make a sexist comment...he "looks" very capable.

They even created some fan-fic for him.

And they congratulated the South Korean president for implementing such a winning strategy.

@elena_yip This makes perfect sense. Any potential attackers would be too distracted by his looks. They'd stop dead… https://t.co/mr9C1vG0rv

I mean, probably:

In short, I think we can all agree: