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The South Korean President's Bodyguard Is Making Everyone Lose Their Minds


Politicians: Important, but not usually that cute. Their bodyguards on the other hand...


Like check out the new Korean president Moon Jae-In's bodyguard. HELLLLLLLLLO SAILOR!

First of all, YOWZA.

Here he is stoically watching the prez wave his arms in the air like he just don't care.

Getty Images

And here he is ~finding his light~.

Smoldering for the camera.

Probs about to go listen to Panic! At the Disco or something.

Thinking about how his dad never really understood him.

Twitter: @elena_yip

Y'know, typically brooding bodyguard shit.

Not surprisingly, the internet is feeling the thirrrrrst.

@elena_yip Me: "Oh, THIS old thing? Help me up, won't you? The 5:14 is about to pass through..."

@elena_yip Do not make a sexist comment, do not make a sexist comment...he "looks" very capable.

They even created some fan-fic for him.

And they congratulated the South Korean president for implementing such a winning strategy.

@elena_yip This makes perfect sense. Any potential attackers would be too distracted by his looks. They'd stop dead…

I mean, probably:

In short, I think we can all agree:

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