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The Bronx Zoo Will Name A Cockroach After Your Ex For Just $10

Seems fitting, no? UPDATE: It appears the roachtastic link is down. :(

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Exes are pretty much the worst, am I right?


Why do they continue to, like, ~exist~ after the relationship is over?

But never fear! The Bronx Zoo is doing you a solid: For just $10, you can name one of the zoo's Madagascar hissing cockroaches after your ex.

Wikipedia / Via

There are so many cockroaches, so the possibilities are ENDLESS.

Pornchai Kittiwongsakul / AFP / Getty Images

Look at little Gary, and Pete, and Stacy go.

You can commemorate your own terrible ex RIGHT HERE.

Awww.... (EW).

Awww.... (EW).

UPDATE: It appears the actual link that allows you to purchase the roaches is down. C'est la vie.

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