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The Boy Scouts Are Admitting Girls Now And People Are Having A Hard Time

"A bunch of horny 14-year-old boys in the middle of the woods never caused problems."

On Wednesday, the Boy Scouts announced that for the first time in the organization's history, they'd be allowing girls to join.

The move was criticized by the leadership of the Girl Scouts, who feel that the decision undermines the Girl Scouts.

Nevertheless! The Boy Scouts plan to roll out admission to girls starting in 2018.

As expected, there were strong reactions on both sides. Like this one:

So, Boy Scouts is now letting girls in. That's cool, a bunch of horny 14yo boys in the middle of the woods with girls never caused problems

Some didn't seem to mind.

I'm alright with female boy scouts.... Its a entirely different culture than the girl scouts. Much more physically challenging.

Some saw it as a move in the right direction.

Allowing girls to join the Boy Scouts is a welcome move towards equality in our current climate of misogyny. #DayoftheGirl

And applauded the decision.

Way to go BSA! The scouts were one of the best experiences growing up

And even poked fun at the outrage.

Republicans- WEAK LIBERALS ARE TRIGGERED ABOUT ANYTHING! *girls are allowed to be Boy Scouts Republicans- *balled up in a corner* WHY WHY😭

There were jokes.

While others felt the Boy Scouts were stepping on the Girl Scout's toes.

What good can come of this? There is something called "Girl Scouts" & they teach girls 2 become tomorrow's leaders!

And there was anger at the idea of the Boy Scouts changing a founding organizational policy.

okay.. the Boy Scouts will now welcome girls? Will the girl scouts welcome boys? Does this entire country need a drug test?

Dems, I know this is a hard concept to grasp but BOY scouts are for boys. You can tell that it’s for boys because of the name “BOY Scouts”

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    It's not a big deal. Who cares, it's 2017 and gender is a construct.
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    I can't believe they would destroy the Boy Scouts like that.
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    I can't believe the Boy Scouts would compete with the Girl Scouts like that.
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    This is a straight up abomination.
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    I have some other complex range of emotions I'll explain in the comments.