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    Girls Are Sharing Photos Of Their Awful Online Prom Dress Purchases And It's Hilarious

    Caveat emptor, y'all.

    Another year, another round of teen girls who were duped into buying prom dresses online that didn't quite deliver.

    Tons of girls have shared pics of the stark difference between the dresses they thought they were buying and the ones that actually arrived.

    Like this girl, whose sleeves are ALL WRONG.

    when they say "don't order a prom dress online," they really mean dONT ORDER A PROM DRESS ONLINE

    And this girl, who might as well be wearing a totally different dress.

    Did this dress come with any kind of undergarment or slip? NOPE.

    Received my beautiful prom dress I ordered online lol

    And this dress is DEFINITELY not the one pictured.

    Prom dress expectations vs reality. Hit me up if you are looking for an Elsa cosplay dress.

    This dress cost $249.

    Same skirt? Not even close.

    Just a friendly reminder don't order your prom dress online ESPECIALLY on cyber Monday 😂

    Not even sure what's happening here...

    Either way, it's never too late to remind the promgoers in your life to be careful when buying prom dresses online. And to ALWAYS have a backup plan.

    Ok so since prom season is approaching I want to remind you ladies to be careful where you buy your prom dress onli…

    Good luck out there, girls.

    your prom dress online vs your prom dress when it comes in the mail