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19 Heartbreakingly Perfect Tattoo Fails That Are Too Pure For This World


1. Please, no ragrets.

2. Blood is thicker then water.

3. Your hart beats strong.

4. And you keep the feaver alive.

5. Live every singel day like it's your last.

6. Because really, only good can jude.

7. And nolege is the way.

8. Let no one disonor you.

9. And remember your dicisions are four you, and you alone.

10. No matter wath.

11. Always persevere with strenth.

12. Remember that it's get better.

13. And that Chist works miracles.

14. Sucess isn't simple — it's a procss.

15. But you'r worth it.

16. Because you belife in yourself.

17. Your haert is pure.

18. You're the quenn of your own realm.

19. And after all, only God can fudge.