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    19 Bad Tattoos That Will Literally Have You Screaming “WHYYYYYY”

    H/T Snake___Pit, and SORRY IN ADVANCE.

    1. Hello. Excuse me. Why.

    2. Just what were you trying to do here?

    3. I see you, watermelon vagina.

    4. And you, too, E.T. Dick.

    5. Did you really need to?

    6. Gosling Crab? OK.

    7. Just for?

    8. Great way to remember MOM.

    9. Maybe just buy a t-shirt, IDK.

    10. Big Jimmy Seinfeld fan.

    11. Ya

    12. You like the Radders? Same.

    18. There are two moods:

    19. I'm sorry.

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