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17 T-Shirts That Are Totally "You As A Girlfriend"

Wear your feelings on your sleeve.

1. This sweatshirt that is trying to be low-key about your feelings.

2. While this shirt is like "NOPE I AM MAD AT YOU RIGHT NOW."

3. Because you're ~realistic~ about your abilities.

4. You have priorities.

5. You don't want to brag but you REALLLLLY want to get the point across.

6. Because you like what you like.

7. When you're in a committed relationship with a sweet treat...

8. ...A bunch of anime characters...

9. ...Or the most delicious food in the world.

10. You're asking important questions.

11. Because you prefer your feline friend to human company.

12. You understand what ties you and bae together.

13. Because you're clear about your preferences.

14. And you'd like to share them with the world.

15. Because you have important hobbies.

16. For when you're a little bit of a germaphobe.

17. When you're really over it.

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