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41 Things Mariah Carey Was Definitely Hiding In Her Bedroom During Her Legendary "MTV Cribs" Episode

The world may never know.

Mariah Carey's 2002 episode of MTV Cribs is classic.

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The episode introduced the world to Mariah's 3-bedroom 5-1/2 bath Tribeca penthouse with a walk-in shoe closet and special lingerie closet. And we got to spend quality time with Mimi while she slipped out of her nightie and took a bath in a towel. (Yes, it's as weird as it sounds).

But as much access as you're getting, Mimi makes one thing very clear...


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Oh helllllll no.

So what was she hiding in her Cribs bedroom, anyway?

1. The dried husks of old Mariah Careys.

2. Blu Cantrell in a cage.

3. Any number of the national treasures from the National Treasure film series.

4. A lock of Nic Cage's hair.

5. Nic Cage's common sense and reasoning skills.

6. A voodoo doll of Ariana Grande, even though she was only a toddler at the time.

7. A giant human tupperware to sleep in so she doesn't age.

8. Cold war launch codes.

9. 17 empty boxes of Ferrero Rochers.

10. Crushed butterfly chrysalises.

11. 4 empty cans of Hormel brand chili.

12. A jar of toenail clippings.

13. The contents of the last Merry Go Round store located at the Cherry Hill Mall in Cherry Hill, NJ.

14. Expired Bath and Body works products.

15. Several manuals related to Illuminati membership.

16. A kitten in a tiny hat.

17. A box of puppies.

18. A capuchin monkey to watch the puppies.

19. A music box containing the troubled spirit of Ella Fitzgerald.

20. Unused carnival tickets.

21. A closet full of cropped tops.

22. A to-scale version of the Empire State Building for Tommy Mottola to climb.

23. A hula hoop.


24. A direct line to Carson Daly.

25. Velvet curtains with soundless runners.

26. Tubs of jelly beans purchased at Office Max.

27. A teenage youth group.

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28. The last several boxes of Oreo-O's in existence.

29. Amelia Earhart's airplane.

30. A yeti.

31. A fish tank that hasn't been cleaned since 1992, but still somehow has life in it.

32. Colin Powell's first pair of glasses.

33. Eighty pairs of cashmere gloves in a hefty bag.

34. A glass jar full of marbles that Mariah only knows the exact number of.

35. The skull of something that looks vaguely human but… isn't.

36. A wishing well.

37. A half-eaten Funfetti birthday cake.

38. An oxygen bar with flavored oxygens.

39. The remnants of last night's pillow fight with Andie McDowell.

40. A petting zoo consisting of two pygmy goats, a Malay Game chicken, and a comically large Flemish Giant rabbit.

41. Possible secrets to the universe and the fountain of youth, NBD.

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