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    14 Awesome Places To Buy Clothing When You're Sick Of Fast Fashion

    Save your pennies and shop sustainably.

    OK, so let's get this out of the way first: If you're buying ethically and sustainably, you are going to spend more than you would at any fast-fashion place. This is obviously not an option for many, but it's worth considering: How many items of clothing do you have? How much do you really need?

    Fast fashion contributes to things like pollution, human trafficking, and other kinds of unfair labor practices.

    We live in a culture of fast fashion that tries to persuade you to buy a poorly made T-shirt in every color of the rainbow. But in reality? If you bought from sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly retailers you might spend more on one garment, but that garment would last longer — and in most cases be better made — than one you'd buy from a fast-fashion retailer.

    We've collected 13 online shops that offer ethically sourced and sustainable clothing, jewelry, and accessories and encourage you to think about how you can buy less but buy better.

    1. Zady

    Zady offers sustainably sourced clothing, home accessories, and jewelry for men and women. Each brand the site highlights is chosen for its commitment to well-sourced and well-made clothing. And Zady's house line is sourced entirely in the U.S. — including the ranchers, washers, dyers, millers, knitters, and sewers who actually construct the garment.

    From left to right:

    • Zady Tee in Navy, $36

    • Peace Treaty Hava Ring, $70

    • Billy Reid Shiloh Shah Collar Sweater, $110

    2. Of a Kind

    Of a Kind highlights emerging designers by offering limited editions of cool products in virtually every category. The products featured are well-made, small-batch, and super cool.

    From left to right:

    • Navy Ocean Dress, $245

    • Raleigh Dog Collar, $60

    • Gaka Dune Sunglasses, $165

    3. Kindred Black

    Kindred Black carries luxury eco-friendly clothing, beauty, and home brands.

    From left ot right:

    • Jess Feury Hand-Embroidered Crop Top, $265

    • AwaveAwake Leaf Green Halter, $80

    • Titania Inglis Void Sweater, $275

    4. Ethica

    Ethica offers brands that are eco-friendly, sustainable, made in the USA, and use vegan materials.

    From left to right:

    • Ace & Jig Blue Jean Rally Frock, $265

    • Valentine Gauthier Noailles Skirt, $60

    • LITKE Floral Organic Cotton Molly Dress, $220

    5. Kaight

    Kaight offers cute clothes and accessories that are locally produced, organic, made from reclaimed materials, and are fair trade. And pssst: There's a brick-and-mortar location in NYC.

    • FORTRESS OF INCA Adriana Coco Ankle Boot, $240

    • Loup Dana Dress, $178

    • Dea Dia Crushed Cuff Bracelet, $55

    6. Helpsy

    Helpsy curates cool AF clothes that are fair trade, sustainable, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free.

    • Marialia Bunny Suit, $155

    • Family Affairs Swanlake Jumpsuit, $260

    • Golden Ponies Hard Faux Leather Doctor Bag, $120

    7. Honest By

    Honest By may be a bit pricier than a lot of other retailers on this list, but it also goes above and beyond to act as a transparent shop, offering information to buyers on materials, manufacturing, and carbon footprint. The site also breaks down exactly why each garment costs how much it does, taking stock of everything from the labels and the sewing to the prices for fabric and trimmings. You really know exactly what you're paying for.

    From left to right:

    • Black Asymmetrical Tee, $110.81

    • Herringbone Linen Trousers, $205

    • Printed Organic Cotton Pencil Skirt, $210

    8. Gather & See

    Sustainable clothing sourced from around the globe.

    From left to right:

    • Lola Organic Wool Dress, $142.77

    • Lalesso Printed Ajabu Maxi Dress, $142.77

    • Matt & Nat Sandals, $92.80

    9. Coclico

    Sustainably made boots, sandals, and heels made from locally sourced materials.

    • Coclico Aneme Wedge, $385

    • Hawthorn Flat, $385

    • Toto Sandal, $375

    10. BeGood

    BeGood vets the comfy basics "from seed to stitch," ensuring that the clothing they sell is ethically made on every level. The company also donates to the water safety organization Evidence Action, a nonprofit that distributes purifying chlorine at stations across Kenya and Uganda, for every purchase you make.

    From left to right:

    • Ivy Dress, $68

    • Greenwich Shirt, $64

    • Page Dolman Top, $78

    11. Rêve En Vert

    Rêve En Vert offers luxury eco-friendly and sustainable independent brands. The site offers local and exclusive designers, though prices are on the high side.

    From left to right:

    • Isabell De Hillerin Long Skirt, $370

    • Svilu Polka Dot Skirt, $170

    • Svilu White Ruffled Shirt, $120

    12. Modavanti

    Modavanti carries ethically sourced men's and women's clothing, as well as home accessories and beauty products.

    From left to right:

    • Elizabeth Bow Dress by People Tree, $104.80

    • Slim Skinny High Rise in Soulmate Rinse by Bluer Denim, $95

    • Tencel Chambray Oxford Blouse by Meemoza, $89

    13. A Boy Named Sue

    A Boy Named Sue carries local designers, socially conscious makers, and eco-conscious brands.

    From left otto right:

    • Isabell De Hillerin Pocket Silk Dress, $233

    • Svilu Deauville Print Shorts, $137

    • Iris Bralette, $56

    14. Beklina

    A well-curated colelction of organic clothing and sustainable fashion.

    From left to right:

    • Dagg & Stacey Walsh Dress, $190

    • Heinui Isadora Dress in Indigo Chambray, $280

    • Diarte Joanne Dress in White, $290