St. Vincent Waitressed At Her Sister's Dallas Restaurant This Weekend

    Tacos with a side of beautiful indie rock.

    Annie Clark, aka musician St. Vincent, is usually traveling the world, hanging out with her girlfriend Cara Delevingne.

    The couple is total perfection.

    But this weekend, Clark guest waitressed at the opening of her sister and brother-in-law's new Dallas restaurant Resident Taqueria.

    She coyly posted that she'd be there on her Instagram, but made no mention that she'd actually be waitressing.

    Fans are predictably freaking out.

    annie clark is a waitress at a dallas restaurant for the weekend this is the only time in my life i will want to live in texas

    Buying a place ticket to Texas so Annie Clark can be my waitress

    So, how was her service?

    @eyewasbored @stereogum @st_vincent she really is awesome. In my mind she's my bff

    She was apparently very prompt at refilling napkin dispensers, too.

    @spants she was WORKING. clearing tables. restocking Topo Chico. she refilled the napkin dispenser on our table. this is a strange world.

    So hey, if this whole music thing doesn't work out (which is HIGHLY UNLIKELY), at least you've got a back up plan.

    H/T Stereogum