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    19 Things People Who Are Always Hungry Just Get

    "Hunger isn't an emotionl" YEAH, RIGHT.

    1. This is what your internal monologue generally looks like.

    2. In fact:

    3. You literally don't understand people who skip meals.

    4. *Skepticism intensifies*

    5. These people are like magical aliens to you.

    6. Because you operate at one of two settings most of the time.

    7. You know how to multitask.

    8. And you've developed special skills.

    9. This is how someone woos you.

    10. And this is how time actually passes for you.

    11. Food is the best way to get you in a better frame of mind.

    12. And being deprived of food requires major strength.

    13. When you're hungry you have NO patience.

    14. Why do you love eating? Food won't play games with your emotions.

    15. You know your special skills.

    16. You hear people talking about being "full," but you are like "does not compute."

    17. You're always on a quest.

    18. And yeah, sure, you have goals.

    19. But you always know what's real.