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    19 Things People Who Are Always Hungry Just Get

    "Hunger isn't an emotionl" YEAH, RIGHT.

    1. This is what your internal monologue generally looks like.

    @_angryasian_ / Via

    2. In fact:

    @ana_nana90 / Via

    3. You literally don't understand people who skip meals.

    @itsahealthylifestyle / Via

    4. *Skepticism intensifies*

    @uselessknowledgeiii / Via

    5. These people are like magical aliens to you.

    @jcdavids / Via

    6. Because you operate at one of two settings most of the time.

    @fearlessdawn / Via

    7. You know how to multitask.

    @cmjohnson0316 / Via

    8. And you've developed special skills.

    @ninakidde / Via

    9. This is how someone woos you.

    @ekiswole21 / Via

    10. And this is how time actually passes for you.

    @raragosassy / Via

    11. Food is the best way to get you in a better frame of mind.

    12. And being deprived of food requires major strength.

    @em_lauderdale / Via

    13. When you're hungry you have NO patience.

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    14. Why do you love eating? Food won't play games with your emotions.

    @darcilw / Via

    15. You know your special skills.

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    16. You hear people talking about being "full," but you are like "does not compute."

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    17. You're always on a quest.

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    18. And yeah, sure, you have goals.

    @the_healthy_happy_me / Via

    19. But you always know what's real.

    @supersarahuna / Via