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    A Guy Sent Debra Messing A Dick Pic So She Shared It With Her 257,000 Twitter Followers

    Do NOT mess with Messing.

    Debra Messing is a television legend. You might know her from her current series The Mysteries of Laura or from Smash, or from a little groundbreaking show called Will & Grace.

    Earlier this week, Debra was just hanging out on her Instagram when someone slid into her Insta DMs with a completely unsolicited dick pic.

    So on Tuesday, Messing posted the following to her Twitter account and put him ON BLAST to all of her 257,000 followers.

    Fans were apologetic.

    Though of course one douchenozzle had to go and throw a dick pic into the comments.

    And everyone was like:

    Messing joked about the impact of her dick pic post on Twitter.

    Cautionary tale, dudes: Just DO NOT send unsolicited dick pics.

    Slay, Debra, slayyyyyyy!