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So There Are Seven Types Of Boobs In The World, You Guys


Boobs, they are a wonder. They come in so many shapes and sizes!

Some baby genius at lingerie company ThirdLove created a chart of seven ~boob types~ that most women have.

There are bell-shape boobs, which are slimmer at the top and fuller at the bottom.

Asymmetrical boobs, which are, as you might imagine, asymmetrical.

~Slender~ breasts are defined as "thin breasts with nipples pointing downward."

Teardrop breasts are larger versions of slender breasts.

Side-set boobs feature a wide space in between the breasts.

East-west boobs are just like side-set boobs, except the nipples are pointing outward.

And round boobs are equally full at the top and the bottom.

Got all that straight?

No matter the size or shape, tho, can't we all just agree that boobs are great?